Manchester Mistress Arabella is Simply the Best

“For me, domination is a form of art, you are my canvas and I will shape you as I wish. Your lips shall call me mistress; your heart will cry my name. Let me own your dreams and I will steal your soul!  I am the power of all storms and the softest touch of spring; I am beauty without bound and all that pain can bring!”

Mistress Arabella the Manchester MistressMistress Arabella is a statuesque 5’8 tall, with a powerful, svelte frame, long shapely legs and a dominant presence that makes her unique!
Her youthful beauty is a shroud to a power that you cannot possibly resist. She is one of the UK`s most experienced and accomplished Mistresses and practitioners of BDSM.
As a lifestyle Dominatrix, she has many years private and professional experience and hungers each day for more! There is no form of torture or humiliation at which she does not excel and whatever your dream, it will come true!
That is not to say that mistress Arabella is only for those slaves seasoned by time and experience. She adores new blood and treats all levels with the respect and safety that would quite properly be expected.
For the nervous first time novice, to the hard-core, experienced and extreme fetishist Mistress Arabella is perfect for you!
Her discreet facilities in North Manchester are really quite superb! Here you will find a vast array of quality equipment and furnishings, housed in a number of differently themed rooms. “Let your dreams find my ear and your heart be chained forever!”